Born and raised in Oxford, Charlie has been making pots since his early twenties. His passion for clay began at college in 2012, followed by an apprenticeship at Whichford Pottery and years of service as a production flowerpot thrower. Now having moved to Devon,  Charlie will be making his own range of wood and gas fired stoneware.

“I made domestic ware pottery – pots for use. Beautiful everyday objects. I like to use locally sourced, hand prepared materials, keeping it simple and making what looks and feels right. I look for in a pot what you seek in other people – warmth, generosity and most importantly, life. Pots offer that direct link between the makers hand and the user – I believe it’s just as much about feel as it is form and function.

I’d like to uphold a standard of traditional skills, held amongst a few remaining handmade production potteries in the UK. Having trained as a professional flowerpot thrower for the past seven years, the balance of speed, efficiency and quality has naturally become important to the way I work. Deft, quality touches are what’s required for the pots flowing through one’s workshop to transmit that life and energy to the user. Here’s hoping the love for what I do shines through in the pots”