JULY 2024 : 3-day Slipware Workshop with Niek Hoogland – 2 places left

Niek Hoogland has a vast knowledge of slipware and is one of the leading lights of European slipware ceramics.    He lives in Tegelen,  in the Netherlands, and he has recently been honoured with a solo exhibition to celebrate his life and work.   His much sought after work is in collections all over the world and he will be in the UK this year exhibiting  in Wales,  and he has agreed to do a workshop here at Kigbeare Studios again.   During the 3 days, using earthenware clay, Niek will demonstrate his techniques of making a series of tableware and flatware (tiles, etc) and then demonstrate slip application and mark-making.

Workshop details:

Date:  Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2024

Price: £450, to include lunch and refreshments


This workshop is not suitable for absolute Beginners.  You don’t need to have worked with earthenware or slip previously, but you need to have previous experience of working with clay.

What you can expect:

EXPERT GUIDANCE – learn from a master potter, celebrated for his innovative use of colour and pattern in slipware

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE – engage in advanced techniques  of preparing, applying and trailing slips to create your own unique style

CREATIVE EXPLORATION – push the boundaries of traditional and modern slipware methods under the guidance of an expert

COMMUNITY AND CONNECTION:  connect with fellow pottery enthusiasts in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration

TASTY LUNCHES:  enjoy complementary lunch and refreshments throughout the workshop, perfect for networking and relaxing between sessions

At the end of the 3 days, students may select a maximum of six of their best pots, which will be charged for at the end of the course at £2 per pound.  Please remember to bring wrapping and boxes to transport the raw pots.   Arrangements can be made to bisque fire and then gloss fire work, at a cost of £4 per pound, limited to six clearly marked pieces.  These can then be collected at a later date from either Devon or London.

TO BOOK:  EMAIL   kigbeare@gmail.com

Niek Hoogland slipware



STUDIO 5 – 200 sq.ft      £60 per week all in, subject to normal usage of services

If you are interested in renting a studio, please email kigbeare@gmail.com with your details – what you do and your social media links to show your work.

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THURSDAY Evening pottery workshops – starting again on 12th September 2024


Pottery classes for beginners and intermediates.  Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.  The workshop runs for 8 weeks, then has a break for one week to bisque fire your pots, with the final glazing week after that.

Cost £280 for 8 weeks, to include 6 glazed and fired pots.

to book:  email   kigbeare@gmail.com

Friday and Saturday MORNING 2024 pottery throwing workshops – starting 13th and 14th September 2024

Charlie Collier’s Friday morning and Saturday morning throwing workshops start again on Friday  and Saturday in early September.

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