Linda Bloomfield two-day glaze workshop : WORKSHOP FULL – May 28th and 29th 2022


Gain an understanding of making and using glazes focusing on how using different fluxes affects colouring oxides in a glaze. All practical aspects of making, testing and firing glazes will be covered.

A rare opportunity to gain an insight into the materials that you may or may not know are in the glazes that you use.

You will gain a basic understanding of what these materials are and how they make a difference to your glazes through making glaze tests. You will make basic glaze recipes from scratch and see the results. You will also explore these through colour blending to create further results. Extended knowledge will be gained through sharing your results with each other.

• Understand what the individual glaze ingredients do in a glaze
• Understand how to put together different ingredients to create a glaze
• Weigh different materials and mix glazes tests
• Reflect on fired glaze tests and analyse results
• Understand a basic awareness of Ceramics glaze materials Health and Safety in a workshop setting with due regard to self and others

Class format and activities
You will be listening and note taking about the chemistry of materials. You will be creating test tiles and batch glazes and firing these to stoneware temperatures. You will be creating colour blends to see the potential of the glaze materials.

FEE: £265 to include a light vegetarian lunch plus refreshments. 20 test tiles per student will be provided, already biscuit fired. All glaze materials will be supplied.

Class sizes are limited so early booking is recommended. Please contact:

ONE unit ‘to let’ – May 2022

Evening pottery workshops – STARTING AGAIN IN OCTOBER 2022

Pottery classes for beginners and intermediates.  Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.

Cost £180 for the six weeks, to include 6 glazed and fired pots.

To be advised of the next dates:  email