Working with felt, wire, cloth and wood, mixed media artist Kate Toms creates her company of sculptural 3D characters from her Devon studio

Exploring the ordinary and the everyday, and celebrating the humdrum with a gently humour, Kate invites the viewer to connect with and to create their own narratives around each piece. Much of her inspiration comes from a life-long fascination with social history: often a relic from her vast and ever growing collection of found items will become the starting point for a piece.

Kate works to commission as well as supplying a number of galleries across the country and occasionally selling directly through retail shows. She also runs workshops in needle felting and character creation from her studio for small groups.  Teaching workshops have been suspended during the pandemic, but will resume just as soon as it is safe to do so.  Dates will be published once we know them, but if you would like to register for a workshop, do get in touch at   ref. Kate Toms workshops