Isobel Eggleton

Isobel has only just began what will hopefully be a long career as a painter.  After graduating with a degree in English and Classics and with plans to teach, lockdown enabled her to reconsider her career path and decide that a life making would be far more rewarding.  For a couple of years, she worked for a stained-glass conservation company, repairing windows for churches and cathedrals.  While the work was interesting, and allowed her spectacular views from the clerestory, the desire to paint and draft compositions of her own would not leave her.

In 2024 Isobel moved back to Devon and back to Dartmoor.  Having grown up not far from Okehampton, livestock, labouring farmers, horses, riders and Dartmoor ponies are all familiar sights and the inspiration behind Isobel’s work.  “I want to capture what rural life is like but not as a bucolic idyll.  I want to show the hard work of it:  the driving rain, the mud, the determined workers….  but beauty will show through as it always does when one is engaged with nature and the natural world.”

Isobel is self-taught and works primarily in oils.