Dan Hearn – Hearn Family Glazing

Starting in his late teens in the double-glazing industry, Dan has worked in many facets of the glass world, with a career spanning nearly two decades.  After developing a fascination in the traditional craft of leaded lights and stained glass, he studied Architectural Glass Design before stepping into the world of stained-glass conservation.  As part of a team, he spent five years helping to preserve the glass in churches, cathedrals and royal households across the country.

Taking up residency at Kigbeare Studios, Dan has set up an independent stained-glass studio.  While his focus is on making new bespoke leaded lights and stained glass, he also endeavours to restore and maintain existing panels to keep the craft alive.  His personal work reflects his interest in geometry, colour and pushing the limits of the material itself, mixing traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Dan can offer an introductory day course to traditional leaded lights, suitable for anyone interested in the craft.