Kigbeare Kiln Crowdfunder : Stage 1 done

Thanks to all the Crowdfunders.  Your pots have been thrown and specially stamped by Svend Bayer, glazed, fired, wrapped and posted, and should be with you by now, bar one or two late deliveries.  We hope you like them.  Svend never normally marks his work, so these are very special one off items. 
Svend will now continue with the training programme and his 5 apprentices.  More firings are scheduled, and each time the kiln is tweaked to iron out any tiny issues and to ensure an even temperature throughout the kiln.  Brigittte Colleaux is co-ordinating the firing diary and we hope to start a blog soon, so everyone can follow the vicissitudes of this beautiful wood fired kiln.
Very soon, the pots from the firings will be available online and in the Kigbeare Gallery and Powdermills Gallery on Dartmoor, but we will let everyone know when we go live - just need to get enough pots together...
If you want to follow progress, log onto the Kigbeare Kiln Project Facebook page, and if you want to ask any questions please email